I originally started doing a 12 x 12 album for my boyfriend and I. It was really troublesome to take and show people because of the size and I didn't want to mess it up, so I started making a companion 6x6 album. I chose the best picture of us from each layout in the larger album and printed copies of them. Next, I asked my boyfriend to pick a song he felt described our relationship and how we felt about each other (He chose "Keeper of the Stars" for the first album and "Raining on Sunday" for the one I'm working on now). I typed the lyrics in a pretty font and printed them out. Then, I traced them onto vellum with a vellum marker (to give them a more personal touch then just printing them off). Each layout I make for the small album, has a picture of us on one side and the song lyrics on the other. Because the album is smaller, it doesn't take as long to do each page and I have actually been able to keep up with that one better than the 12 x 12 album (where it can take up to 3 hours per layout). My boyfriend loves them so much that I have actually come home from work early and found him showing it off to all his college guy friends.