Adhesive Dots are perfectly lined up so you can create perfectly lined borders, ribbon, rhinestone, beads, embellishments, or whatever your heart desires.

First, simply tear off a strip of dots, the length you need for you project.

Second, adhere the entire strip of dots face down on your page and press each dot down firmly so they all stick well. Then peel off the back. (adhering the dots all at once instead of one at a time saves time, it gives you perfectly straight lines and its quick and easy)

Third, your dots will be perfectly lined up for you to create very quick borders using paper, rhinestones, ribbon, fabric, and embellishments, etc.

You can adhere one line or multi-lines. If you don't wish to create a border on the edge of the paper you can use the same technique in the middle, off centered, and around pictures.

Creativity and an imagination is endless...