Just a simple starter tip for anyone new to scrapping out there..... It can be very overwhelming just getting started- we were all there once & sometimes have a scrappin block & go there again.

Color is 1 of the 1st things that I think about in getting a page started. It makes layouts flow, look nice, & pop off the page. The 1st thing I do, is try to find a color in the photograph that I want to bring out (a flower, a bow, a shirt, or even the perfect shade of color of a person's skin)Then, from there, you could go with an accent color that might be in the photos or maybe not, but it just compliments the other color you just picked out. I am a BIG fan, ok a HUGE fan of not only matting my pictures, but mostly double & sometimes even triple matting my pictures on my pages. I feel it brings that nice color to the pages, makes the entire page come together & the pictures are separated just enough that they jump off the page at you. This prevents them from getting lost or absorbed by the page itself- because, it is ALL about the pics anyway, why we scrap in the 1st place, right? hee hee-

If I've helped 1 loley scrapper, my work here is done!! :-)