How did i do that kalamansi title effect? The answer: I don't really know! I digiscrap like I cook: I MAKE IT UP AS I GO!-------------- So, I tried to retrace my steps and recreate the title, just so I could figure it out for you. {Disclaimer: the directions look alot more complicated than it is to do it, now that i look at it! Sorry!} So, Here goes, forgive me if this is LONG & confusing: I used Photoshop CS2 and CBX-Chippy Circles font. Highlight the word kalamansi & select the text color using the eyedrop tool. Pick the med. dark green spot on an opened kalamansi picture file. Next, right click your mouse over the text box layer, in the layer window, choose Blending Options. The Layer Style pop up window opens, and check off three blending options: Inner Shadow, Inner Glow, and Bevel and Emboss. You can manipulate each option individually by left mouse clicking on each option. For Example, on INNER SHADOW option, I used 81% Opacity, 158 angle, 2px distance, 0% Choke, 5 px Size, default contour, and 0% noise. INNER GLOW: Blend mode:Normal, Opacity 2100%, Noise 21%, color picked from lightest spot on kalamansi picture, Softer Technique, Edge source, 0% Choke, 5px Size, default contour, 50% range, 0% jitter. And lastly, for the BEVEL and EMBOSS option: choose Outer Bevel Style, Chisel Soft Technique, 151% Depth, Direction Up, 2px Size, 5 px Soften, 158 Angle,5 altitude, default gloss contour, Screen Highlight Mode, 100% Opacity, Multiply Shadow Mode
73% Opacity. wheeeew!

THAT WAS A LOT OF JARGEN! Let me know if this was at all understandable and if you were able to use it to recreate the kalamansi title, OK. good luck!