I was just asked to explain how I did my "moving iris" project, which you can spy under my other projects tab of my gallery. I've just copy/pasted below my reply to LauraSolomon. Enjoy, & message me if you have any questions.~az.mars
Hi Laura! Queen of Bling's comment below cracks me up! I felt the same way! Thanks for stopping by my gallery too. And to answer your question...sure! I'll try my best to sum up how to make a "moving iris" pop art project of your own. First of all, I did all of the colorization digitally on PS CS2. I used four tools/steps to manipulate the look of each 3x3 photo: 1. Poster Edges Artistic Filter, 2. Old Photo BW Stylizing Filter from Nik Color, 3.Pencil Tool, and 4. Paint Bucket Tool...in that order. The first two filters convert your digital pictures into a pop art look rather painlessly. The tedius parts come in steps 3&4. Wherein I use the pencil tool, by choosing a neutral color (white), to seperate sections of details. I do this because, when you use the paintbucket tool, it will just pour the color you've chosen into all connecting shapes. So, it takes awhile, but afterwards, when you've penciled in/enclosed all the shapes, you can click your paint bucket safely without bleeding into unwanted areas. Please let me know if this has helped or confused you! :) and thanks again for stopping by! Have a great week!