Have you ever walked through the fabric store and said, "wow, that would make great paper!"

Here's a way I have found to make it work:

You'll need:
Aleene's fabric stiffener.
Fabric - I've only used cotton.
Wax paper

1. Pour some stiffener in a bowl.
2. Thin it down a bit with water - but not too much.
3. Place fabric in bowl and switch around.
4. Squeeze out excess.
5. Place flat on wax paper to dry.

It should be dry in a few hours, but wait a bit longer to use.

Start with a bigger piece of fabric then you'll want for your project. You will be cutting out your shape or background after you have stiffened it. This keeps the fabric from fraying.

I have cut it with scissors & punched it with punches, including corner and hearts. My gallery should have some examples. But contact me if you can't figure it out.