I have finally figured a way to store & organize acrylic stamps efficiently (at least for me). I leave the stamps on the original sheet they came on & slip it, and any product image of the stamps, into a baggie & hang it on my Clip It Up. You'll need quart baggies for the larger sheets (Autumn Leaves & the large MSE stamps), sandwich baggies for medium stamps like Sassafrass Lass, & snack size baggies for the smallest Technique Tuesday stamps. I don't seal any of the bags, just put the clip on the baggie & hang it up. I also put a plain piece of cardstock behind the stamps to see them easier. I only put one stamp set in its own baggie. It's also easy to organize by alphabets, holidays, images, etc. Finding them is quick with just a spin too. I decided I wanted to see as many of my stamps as possible at one time & had thought of using CD cases or the thin plastic boxes that you see at Target, but it involved a lot of work just to organize everything & I didn't have the time to do all of that, so this is what I came up with. It's working great so far. Also, I do keep all of my large Technique Tuesday stamps together in a binder on the sheets that they originally came on. I am going to sew a cover to put over the Clip It Up & stamps to keep out the light, or you can use the storage cover that Clip It Up makes. (Also, I don't have the upper tier on my Clip It Up, but if you did & had a lot of stamps you could hang your small stamp sets on that). I hope this helps.