I'm getting better with my journaling all the time. And while sometimes handwriting on my page is fine, often I'll use my computer to compose and print my journaling. Just like choosing colors, papers, and embellishments for my pages, i just HAVE to have the perfect font to compliment the theme or the mood of the page. But it can take some time to sort through them all and select the right one.

I bought a Rolodex card file and have created an index of fonts. I printed up samples of my fave fonts on pieces of white paper slightly smaller than the Rolodex card itself. I included the name of the font and printed the alphabet in capital and small letters. I attached that to scraps of all my leftover PP and slipped the whole thing onto the actual Rolodex card. But I couldn't stop there! I also have odds and ends leftover scraps of ribbons, fibers, flowers, etc., and have embellished the cards a little. It's a whole other opportunity to play!

(see pic in my gallery)