So a lot of you have Photoshop Elements, and many of us are going hybrid. This means printing off a lot of awesome journaling cards without having to pay for un-customizable cuts! But for those of use without Photoshop Elements (or CS3!), I used the idea in Simple Scrapbooks (05/06 issue) and ran with it to make my own journaling cards.

Open up a Word document.

Go down to the auto shapes tool and choose a shape you like (I used a rounded rectangle shape from Basic Shapes).

Size the image how you'd like it. If you double click it and go to the size menu, you can size it by inches.

In that same menu, use the first tab to select line type, thickness, and color. You can also choose a color and go to "patterns" in that same menu. I chose the small dots, but there is quite an array. If you choose a pattern for the line of the journaling box, remember you will have to use a thick line.

Create a text box over your now-personalized shape. Select no fill and no line. Shape it to be exactly the same size as your shape.
Use the underscore key to create lines in your shape (shift + hyphen, it will wrap to the length of the text box automatically).

Print now if you'd like to hand write your journaling.

If you'd like to type your journaling, draw another text box exactly the same size as your shape (that is now filled with lines). Select no fill and no line. Type your journaling.

Format your journaling so that it sits as best it can on the lines. Times New Roman size 12 and Century Gothic size 10 should work perfectly.

Print on white (or colored, if you prefer) cardstock and enjoy! For "tea-stained" journaling tags I usually use my printer's ink. For any other color, I usually use cardstock.