Ok, I am particularly proud of this little trick. It has won me an abundance of compliments not to mention the adorable pages I have of my precious little boy with the pumpkins. I LOVE pumpkin pictures.

I have step by step pictures of how to do this but I'm not really sure what's the best way to display them on my gallery. Any suggestions?

I used my Creative Memories cutting system to make this creation. First I printed a pic in an 8x10 size. This gave me more to work with. You can do this with smaller pics but I think the larger the better. I used the oval template and centered the template over the center of the pic that wanted to be the center of the pumpkin and cut out a complete oval.

Next I moved the template to the right about a 1/2 to inch and cut another slice off. DON'T FORGET TO REMOVE THE PICTURE YOU JUST CUT TO THE SIDE SO THAT YOU DON'T CUT IT AGAIN! This piece of the picture will look like a sliver of the moon. I did the same to the left side of the picture. Now you should have three pieces to your pumpkin.

Using the same oval template cut out 3 ovals slightly larger out of orange cardstock. This is your mat background. Mount the pictures with adhesive onto the three orange ovals. You should now have a complete oval with mat, an orange mat with a sliver of a picture on the right and one with a picture on the left.

Lay out your pumpkin and play around with it until you get it the way you want it. I adhered the 1/2 moons to my page first and then carefully pop-dotted the center of the pumpkin and overlayed it slightly to cover up the underneath. This is to keep the underneath layers from showing (except for the right and left edges). This will give dimension to your pumpkin.

The stem I just hand cut out of green cardstock. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Do it to your liking. Remember, no two pumpkins look alike, nor do their stems. I made little curly cues coming off the stem with green wired ribbon. Again, just use your imagination and have fun.