I belong to a group that meets once a month from 8 am -10 pm every third Friday of the month and then they return to the scene of the crime again Saturday morning from 8 am to 8 pm. These women have taught me a few good tips. Some of these women come complete with traveling tool boxes(on wheels) over three feet high and 2 1/2 feet wide.

They have every organizing container you could imagine:

Fold out file folders to hold their letter stickers(it stands up nicely on a flat surface), recipe boxes to hold the photos that need to be scrapped put in order that needs to be scrapped next, fiber, brads , eyelet containers all arranged by color of coarse.

One of the ladies has a 3 ring binder with scrapbook magazine ideas in page protectors arranged by theme. She is my idol!! This last time she brought in a 3 ring binder filled with recipes 8 1/2 X 11 from a monthly recipe swap she is in. Each recipe page was more amazing than the next!

Here are a few tips I have discovered through experience:

1. Have your photos easy to access
2. Bring plenty of plain cardstock
3. Extra blade for cutting system
4. Plenty of liquid glue and I like the tabs
5. Bring rubber stamp letters and commonly used inks black, navy etc...
6. Bottle of water and I like gum
7. Notebook and pen to write down new ideas, thoughts of what to add to a layout you've started (if you left supplies at home), new friends telephone numbers or email addresses.


Before I go to crops I plastic bag my supplies for each layout ahead of time(you can always change your mind).

1. Pick out pictures
2. Pick out Patterned Paper if you have some in mind ahead of time
3. Cardstock for background color
4. embellishments
5. Type out your journaling and print it on white or off white cardstock (that
keeps it nutral if you change your mind about the layout color)
6. You can always add more to your layouts at home!

Have fun and enjoy your time, make new friends, learn new ideas and get inspired from others!

Sandy B.