The best tip I ever got was to use the leftover strip of an adhesive roll to line up alphabet stickers for straight titles. Over the years, I have tweaked the tip and instead use leftover sticker backing. I especially like to use the long border stickers, both for length and width. I can line up a title across a 12” page easily by adhering the bottoms of the letters to the edge of backing, with the tops of the letters extending off of the backing, until I’m satisfied with the look. This even works well when you don’t necessarily want the letters straight up and down, but yet want them evenly spaced across an area.

For title blocks (or even sticker art), I adapted the idea further. I arrange the stickers on the blank, sticking them completely to the backing. When I am happy with the results, I use 3M Removable Photo/Mounting Tape to transfer the stickers to my layout. I cover the stickers with strips of tape, remove the backing paper, and apply to the layout. Then, I peel off the tape, and my title or artwork are left on the layout.

One note of caution…test your letters/stickers and your cardstock/paper before attempting this on your layout, especially if the stickers aren’t clear or are mostly paper. I have had problems with leaving the sticky part of the letter on the layout and the colored part on the tape, or the stickers adhering fine but the tape sticking to the cardstock.

For example, on this layout
I arranged the title "Let's Fly" in two rows, added the planes, then used the tape to transfer the title block to my layout.

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