I love to do mosaics, but sometimes they can seem overwhelming. The type of mosaic I prefer to do is paper mosaic not picture mosaic. The first step is selecting a photo, and deciding if you want to do a frame mosaic, or maybe a whole page mosaic. I tend to do frame mosaics because they add just the perfect accent to my books. I am going to discuss frame mosaics. Next step is finding a background paper for the frame, I usually select a color like I have seen in REAL LIFE mosaic art (it looks kinda sandy). Next, I adhere my photo to the frame in the middle( hint: if I have cut my photo in an oval, I will also have the frame in an oval but with a few inches of space for my mosaic). Selecting papers and card stock is critical, as you don't want to take away from the photo at all. If you do choose to use Patterned Paper , chose something mild and muted in color. The next is the tedious part which is cutting each piece into a shape. I tend to stick with shapes like a triangle, rectangle, square, rhombus, etc. After you have cut it, use a little glue to adhere it to the frame. Now, keep doing this until you have filled in every spot so there is equal distance from each space (hint: you may want to use very little pieces to fill in some spots).
Good luck