Well, if you are like me, it can be overwhelming trying to stay on top of holidays, birthdays and other important dates. I have figured out a quick and inexpensive way to keep organized while protecting both my hand made and store bought cards.

Using Microsoft Word or a similar word processing program, create a 12 month calender and print each month onto a different piece of cardstock. Do not include days of the week, rather just list the date, thus allowing the calender to be used for multiple years. Include all relevant occasions that do not change from year to year.

5__Mom's B-day_

Place each month in a standard page protector and then place each month in a 3 ring binder. This allows you to flip through the months and see each occasion at just a glance. Since each month is protected by a page protector, you can write on it with any standard dry erase marker to make notes or change dates. If you make a mistake, just erase!

Now the fun part, as you make or buy cards through out the year, place them in the appropriate month for the desired occasion. The page protectors act as natural holders and will protect your cards. If you are a card maker, you can make a bunch of cards and just slide them in for future use or if you prefer to buy your cards, you can purchase them in advance and store them. When the date gets closer you can just pull out a card, address it and mail it with no fuss! I prefer to put a tiny sticky on the card itself to remind me who it is going to and then I put a check mark against the calender to know that there is indeed a card there for that occasion. You can also place a couple of extra empty page protectors in the back to hold misc. cards you may have. This is a great place to store thank you cards, baby cards, or just thinking of you cards.

This is a great way to keep those cards under control while staying on top of those important moments. The best part is that the entire binder can be personalized just for you. Wouldn't this also make a great gift for a loved one or friend. Decorate a 3 ring binder, create the pages making sure to include a couple important occasions (like your birthday,) and include a couple home made cards. A thoughtful, personal and most importantly useful gift created in no time.