To make a Recipe Basket you will need the following:

2 pieces of heavy card stock - 1 cut 8x8 and one cut8 x 5.5
Different color paper strips 1/2 inch wide x 8-1/2" long
Sticky Strips
6 blank recipe cards of your choice ( I have bought some from Micheal's and I have used the stamps to make them so whatever works for you)
Embellishments for the front.
1 eyelet for the hole at the top for the hanger
about 5 inches of ribbon for the hanger

To make the basket weave front cut vertical slits of equal length across the paper every 1/2 inch.(Be careful to leave at least 1/2 inch at the top and bottom of the paper. Starting at the bottom weave the paper strips back and forth between the slits to form the basket weave.
Gently press the strip down tight to the previous one. Continue weaving the strips until you have completely filled the front.
You should have 1/4 " of paper on each side. Fold these back tack them down with some Tomboy adhesive or glue. Let dry
Now using sticky strips or double sided tape carefully line the woven front to the bottom and sides of the 8 x 8 back pressing firmly to be sure it seals well.
Embellish the front as you wish. Place the eyelet at the top center of the bottom sheet and finish it off. Insert ribbon and tie the ends together to form the hanger.
Insert the recipe cards in the basket and your done!!
Have fun and happy crafting!