I have been using different brads with prongs in my layouts and have found a neat trick that saves you time, glue, and money. To use any brad, that punches through your paper with prongs, first use some type of paper piercer to begin a hole. If you don't have a paper piercer you can use a pin, very small nail, or anything that will pierce through your paper. Now push your brad through the hole in your paper. Push the prongs back on the bottom side of your paper. Without using any type of glue you can flip your layout over, press the center of the brad against your table, or any hard surface, and it will flatten out completely. Once you do this there is no need for glue and you need not worry about the brad prongs getting stuck on other layouts once you add it to your album. I do this every time, with every pronged brad, and have never had a bad result, plus it saves me time and glue dots.

I use a lot of actual paper stitching, all by hand, and I have never had a brad, that I have used this technique with, stick to another page. Some people cut the prongs off their brads for this reason and with this technique there is no need to. Plus the brads stay put really well, without any type of glue, and flatten out so you have no more bumps and wrinkling of your layouts. Now you can use brads with confidence.