Dry Embossing can get expensive but if you are on a budget it doesn't mean you can't use this technique. Instead of using a light box, find a window with great natural light that is easily accessible, it will work great as a stand in. Just tape your project to your window at eye level. Position your template as you wish it to be. Make sure you tape your template down in a way it will not move. Then position your paper over your template. Tape this down as well. Now you are ready to trace your template with your embossing stylus.

Using a window allows you to bring your project to eye level where you can really see each detail. It also saves you the cost of a light box and other expenses. To save more money you can make your own templates as well.

To make your own templates find an image you wish to emboss. You can find all kinds of images on the Internet magazines, books, or everyday things you have lying around the house. Once you find your image transfer it to a heavier sheet of card stock or you can use chipboard. This allows you to custom design what you wish to emboss and which details you don't leaving you with a custom template. All you will need are scissors and tape.

Once you have cut out your image follow the instructions above. Now you can easily dry emboss without the high cost of supplies.

All you need is a set of two Embossing Stylus (both with different sized tips on each end) which Fiskars makes for less than $6.00 and they have nice grips. You will need tape, your image template, and your paper you wish to emboss. Any window you can easily access, with great natural light, will work great. Your ready to start Dry Embossing for less.