This is definitely not a new technique but I have received several comments recently about my journaling printed directly on the background of my layout so thought I'd share how to do it!

First of all you need to design your layout in some way where the journaling will be placed on a strip of paper 8 1/2 x 12 or smaller. I format my word document to legal sized paper and landscape. I then type my journaling in a text box and move it to where I want it to be printed. Keep in mind that legal size is 14 inches long but your scrapbook page is only 12 inches so be careful where you place it! I tape 2 sheets of printer paper together to get the longer length I need and print my journaling.

Next I cut my background cardstock to 8 1/2 x 12 or smaller depending on the design. I tape it over the journaling I just printed using a non-permanent repositionable adhesive. I use Wacky Tac. It is the best I've found. It barely sticks and I only use it for this purpose. Then put your paper back into the printer and print again.

Finally, I put my background cardstock back together and tape together on the back side. You can cover up your seam with ribbon, a row of pics, or a strip of paper.