When I leave for my trip I take along a few large brown envelopes to keep memorabilia in that I want to include in my album of memories. Even if I don't use the items I save they are excellent memory joggers to accurately journal the events. Bringing along a small notebook is also helpful to jot things down that may escape your memory later.

As I get ready to crop, I print photos I want to use and put them in order with saved memorabilia and any special papers, embellishments and page decor I purchased specifically for this album.

I keep all the items in Cropper Hopper Organizers. They are see through and hold papers up to 12x12. When I am working on a vacation album I may have a folder for each day. I place them in order in my wrought iron tiered magazine rack that I purchased to organize my projects before I begin scrapbooking. It keeps me from forgetting to use specific items I want to include on a layout. If I am using a color theme I know before I begin if I need to purchase cardstock or other items before I begin. This also saves buying things you may already have, saving time and money!

The rack is easy to move and can sit beside my work table. I am very productive using this method, creative juices begin to flow during organization and preparation!

One other advantage of organizing projects in this manner is you are "crop-ready" at a moments notice! Just load up your organizers and go!