I have a large navy blue velcro binder and in I write done all my supplies. I have dividers in it. Behind the dividers are pieces of notebook paper in page protectors. They are the eight and a half by eleven.

Inks category for instance has in it every ink pad and reinkers I own and what color by what manufacturer.

All my stamps have been stamped in that journal and usually when and where I bought it and what I paid for it.

Punches every shape, border,and corner punch. It is in there.

I have all the colors of my Stickles in there. Decorative scissors, Cricut cartridges in that binder.

All my markers, ink pens, gel pens, all writing supplies, even my colored pencils.

So why do I bother to take time to log everything? Its so I can take the notebook with me and I can look and see what I have before I buy more. I have bought the same stamp twice. I have bought the same decorative scissors twice. I gave them to my daughter but still.

This also allows me to see if I own a product that I can use in place of one shown on sample card. If I see a card I like with a snowflake on it, I can look at the snowflake stamps or punches I have in my notebook. Can I use the one I have instead of buying another snowflake punch or stamp?

Hope this gives others idea how to save.