Here are some more tips for making your own rubons from a thread on the community. The name of the person who made the tip is listed to give them credit for there trials and errors. These are listed as they were on the thread.

Nadia: I use microsoft word for this.

1. Type whatever it is you want.
2. When you press print, select "properties"
3. Select "page setup"
4. Select "iron on transfer or mirror image"
5. Then print!
6. Let the transparency sit for a minute or two before you rub it on your paper.

craftwithaloha: This will not work on a laser because the ink is set when it comes out of the printer.

scraprabbit: Just a don't get super-crisp lines. It looks more like a stamped image...but definitely worth it! And all you need is one transparency. Keep wiping it off after use and use it again and again!

Nadia: If you want to get a crisper line, you can trace over your letters with a fine tip marker.

VivianaP: I found better success with more thin line text. I also am glad that I can use my laser transparencies in the ink jet printer for this method (only) as both sides are shiny. Whereas to make a "transparency overlay" one would definitely need the inkjet transparencies.

mommie2angels: Try colored ink as well for a neater affect. Works great for slide mounts, to fill in the little window part:)

AdesinaCat: when I did it the first time, I put my printer on transpercey setting and it beeded and bleed a bit. I then looked on here at the tips section, and it said to NOT print on that setting, but on regular paper setting. I tried that and it came out great.

scraprabbit: You won't be able to get it to print white...white on the ink choice is just an absence of color (no white ink). I know...that's a bummer!

Shana_Banana: doesn't work as well on the textured cardstock, but still had a neat effect!

ferbie94: Okay... I have been trying and trying and finally a light bulb came on. To anyone that is having problems with beading... are you using a recycled cartridge? I was.. I tried it in all blue and it was perfect. Go figure!

TX_Dot: I've also used a page protector when I didn't have a transparency, just cut one down to fit the printer..worked well.

AdesinaCat: ok. for those who are having probs with beading... what setting are you pringing on? meaning, I just printed off a test and didn't change my print setting to Best and left it on Draft. it came out bad. Try that and see it this will work. my test was to see if I could get the rubon done quick enough to put white embossing powder on it to make white letters. I think I have to let the ink dry to much to get it to rub on with out smerming.

PaperDollWendy: I tried it with clip-art... it works !! And to sort of give the "impression" of white lettering, I layered my text over the picture and took the color out of it (the text). This way, the words are basically white if you rub it onto white cardstock..... cut it out and use as an embellishment !!