I often forget what I've got to work with when it's not out in plain sight, so I use this simple method to keep materials handy & creativity flowing. I'm a sucker for clear vintage jars, and they're put to great use in my scrap room!

1) SIMPLIFY! I recommend clearing shelf space (I have multiple shelves and partitioned areas for different jar sizes). Organizing your space is easier on the eyes, and will provide you with a calm, inspired work space!

(Don't have shelves? Visit your local hardware store for a plank of cheap wood & 2 mounting brackets - viola!)

2) FILL 'EM UP! Fill your jars with tools, embellishments, stamps, etc. I have jars full of buttons, beads, bottlecaps, file tabs, embroidery threads, flower petals, spools of thread, and my favorite - a jar just for my Lindor white chocolate truffles :D

3) LABEL or CATALOG EVERYTHING! I have several sets of foam alpha stamps, and rather than *attempt* to arrange them back into the original packaging, I have large mason jars and old milk bottles - one for each set! To catalog, I make a tag from the original packaging and tie it around the neck with ribbon, fibers or raffia.

4) ORGANIZE! When arranging your jars, try to keep color families together.

I always try to keep my creative space structured; so when I sit down to scrap, I'm focused on my project - rather than CLEANING!