I've done six page spreads before and are fun. They do tell a story and there are several different ways to do them.

I found page protectors from Memory book system that have flip pages. You can put six pages in them and they open up inside your scrapbook. They are affordable and fun! That is the easy way to make a several page spread. They come in 12x12 or 8x11 size(tip: if your using 8x8 like I did you can cut the 8x11 down to make it fit the 8x8 album size). That is the easy way but BEFORE i discovered the flip pages from memory book.....I made my several page spreads with hinges.

I put hinges on several pages(to bind them together and open up) and attached them to the album but inorder for them to work in the album....(post bound with page protectors). I ended up attaching them to the page protector(with brads for more hold) and than I used an extra page protector and slip it over the page so they would still be protected with sheet protector. I had a piece of twill tape as a tab to lift the pages open/and I cut a slit in the page protector that I slipped over the page to protect it/and that held the page protector on and made it easy to open the pages up. So inside the album: you see the two pages and they flip open to expose the other four pages. It's a neat deal and adds alot of interest to the page-and it's interactive, and, really good idea to use if you have alot of photos and want to tell a story or fit them all together.

As you can tell the memory book system works alot better with same result. Less bulk and less heavy too/as the hinges pasted onto the page protector was a bit stressful on the pages and heavy. It worked but the memory book flip pages are alot easier and do the samething.