Hi, this is my first "post." I organize my smaller stickers, bits & pieces by theme with ziploc bags. The trick is to take several bags to the sewing machine and sew (straight basting stitch) the closed ends into a little "book." I think the max I could do without a lot of slippage is 7 baggies. Use a bit of tape to hold the ends if you need to. You could get the little tiny bags from the dollar store to sew but a shower ring works better for those. I also use the sewing machine on 12X12 pages to sew them into 2 sections for sleeves for stickers & put them into a 12 X 12 ring binder. If you do not like to backstitch remember to tie off the ends before clipping the ends so the thread does not slide out of the plastic over time. For some reason ring 12 X 12 binders are becoming hard to come by, especially if they are D ring. I hope this helps!