Journaling: the written descriptions and stories that accompany your photos.

It can be hard to put your journaling down on paper. But it can add so much to your pages by bringing your photos to life. It allows the person viewing your album to feel like they were there and enjoy the humor or sadness. Journaling not only helps to preserve the intricate memories of our photos, but it greatly enhances your entire album.

Here are some tips that may help you with your journaling:
Carry a notebook or journal with you so that you can record things as they happen. This will help you to not forget important details. Write about the event and about the photos that you take. Write down anything that you feel is important.

Remember the five "W"s... don't you remember? You learned this in school LOL Who, What, When, Why, and Where. Who: Include names in your journaling, full names, maiden names, nicknames. What: Write down details, describe what you are doing, are there any stories about the photo? Include things that don't show up on your photos, use your senses. Is there a particular smell? What about tasting? Are there things that you saw that aren't in the pictures? What did you hear? How do things feel? Your senses will play an important part in bringing your story together. When: Try to write down the exact date, the season, the holiday. Be as detailed as you can with your when. Why: Why are you taking you these photos? Why are they important to put into your scrapbook? Describe it to me, because I wasn't there. But I want to feel like I was there! Where: Where were you? Don't try to remember everything, you may forget. So write it down even if it seems obvious to you now.

Be descriptive! Don't be obvious! The more detailed you get, the more interesting your photo will become. If you viewing a wedding photo, don't state that she was wearing a beautiful white gown. Is she wearing an heirloom that was passed down for generations? Is it glittery or lacy or detailed with pearls? Did it have a long train? I want to know the details! It makes the viewer look more into the photo rather than just glance at it.

Before you write your final draft, practice! Get it down to what you exactly want to say. Review it, change it, check for errors, reword. Make sure you are completely satisfied before you place it on your page.

Computer generated journaling is great! I use the computer often when writing my story. Don't forget to put some of your handwriting in your album as well. This is part of your history and will allow for your grandchilden and their grandchildren to see how you wrote when you made your album. Your family and loved ones will truly appreciate having this simple piece of you.
If you are stuck just write down whatever comes to mind. Get a piece of paper and a pencil and just start jotting everything down! Don't over think it; write down EVERYTHING! You will be amazed at how much will come to you.

Don't forget to journal! The story adds so much to your pictures!