Store your rubber stamps in drawers, filing cabinets, or even on a wall?? Know you have a stamp and can't figure out where you put it?? Looking for the one last thing to complete your layout??

Making a personal Rubber Stamp Reference for yourself.

Take a small binder and some 8.5 X 11 page protectors and white card stock. Make impressions of every stamp you own and put them in the binder. You can sort them by size or theme.

If sorting by size: for smaller stamps, make a grid on your card stock to assure that information regarding that stamp stays within that boxed area.

By EACH stamp list its location. (ex. third drawer, fourth shelf, etc) If it is part of a set, then list the set contents also with corresponding page numbers to their impressions so that you can see if you might want to use more of that set.

Label the spine of the binder large and clear STAMPS.

Keeping this Stamp Reference close by your scrap table/area and you will be reminded to look at your stamps as additional embellishments and help make better use of your pricey investment.