Did I mention to journal? If you've ever stumbled across a photograph in a box with nothing written on the back, you will understand what I mean. Pictures are worth a thousand words, and our job as scrapbook designers is to whittle down those 1000 words to the ones that tell the reader what we think is important about each picture on the page. There are many different methods of describing what's happening in our pictures, not to mention the mood we want to convey, and the insight we have into the lives of those we scrapbook. Choose a style that is comfortable to you, or try them all for variety.

One thing to note is that the art of placing photographs and embellishments on scrapbook pages uses the creative, right side of our brains. Journaling, however, is predominantly an activity for the left side of our brains. Sometimes it's easiest to do the journaling first, so you know how much room to leave on your page for the story.

Remember to take all of these things into consideration when you create your next layouts and I'm sure you'll be happier with your completed scrapbook pages.