When I get pictures back from the developer, I try to sort them into the pages that I will be doing (ie- all the beach pictures in one pile, school pics in another, etc). I have a quart size freezer bag for each pile, labelled on the front with the date and occasion. On a 3x5 card I pre-journal the details I want to remember to include, referring to the photos for reminders and inspiration. When it is journal time, I have all the important things already written down.

If I have a solid idea of what I want to do for the page, I sketch it out on notebook paper, noting in a corner what supplies I need to make it happen and fold that and stick it in the bag also.

When I have some time, I pull out these bags, and assemble the supplies for several at a time, tucked into their own page protectors and make of list of any supplies I need to pick up at the store. I can take the packet to the store to get everything to match and add it to the packet, with the pictures. When I am ready to scrapbook, everything for my layout is all together. It is so easy to take it "on the road" to a crop and know I have everything I need with me for the layout. It saves SOOOOO much time when I do put the pages together, not having to chase my supplies all over the house. I can get so much more done!

Using this system maximizes my moods - If I feel creative, I can design several pages and sketch them out. If I feel like organizing, I assemble packets, if I am in a story telling mood, I pre-journal. And, if I want to scrapbook, get out of my way!

by Leslie Watkins

(Editor's Note: Notice how Leslie has separated all the elements of scrapbooking into left-brained and right-brained activities, so no matter what mood she's in, she's got something scrapbook-related to do!)