To get the most out of my scrap book, I combined Season with Holiday. Easter and spring is now so I got Easter bags and I think about everything through my whole life what memories I have of Easter and spring. Then I start a list of all the things I want in my memory book and purchase the Items in need.I also love using sticker hinges with matching word cards so I can add either Journaling or little surprise cuties underneath. Usually I use the front page to Title, open the bag on the flap I use Jolee's and words, the next page I put pictures, stand the bag up and make my slit for the Tags, and for the inside of the bag I put a themed Journaling card in there. Last but not least the last page put a Title word and a picture all colors coordinating. I also look for free clip-art and use this for a substatute when things are getting a little pricey. To me it's important for each page to be different. Sometimes you don't need alot it's what you use and how you use it that will make the layout just right. I hope this is helpful especially to new users, I know I am always looking for knew ideas. thank you Bunnyangel