You can use slide mounts to display coins after a trip abroad. This is great for coins that you want to see both sides.

What to do:

1. Cover one side of the slide mount entirely. Wrap like a gift, so none of the edges are exposed. (the slide mount should still be attached on one side so you have two "windows".)

2. Place something clear over both openings on the slide mount. I used a cut-up page protector.

3. Place the coin on the transparency.

4. Put your glue all around the edges (you have to seal the coin in place). Make sure the coin doesn't get stuck in the glue). Don't just use glue dots, or the coins will roll out.

5. Place a small hinge on one side. Be careful with hinge placement. Make sure you plan it out well.

6. Fold slide mount over and put a weight on it until the glue dries.

7. Attach by hinge to your layout.

See an example in my "London Baby" LO.