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    wonderful aquas (21 September 2012)

    nobody has colors like bazzill and their cardstock is the best. doing tropical cruise, and so need alots and lots of aqua!

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    good with reservations (21 September 2012)

    this is good very sticky adhesive, but its strechy, and so it can continue beyond where you want it. i have gotten used to it, and started pulling it off the page before i usually would. but i feel like its not got very good control. still, its sticks like crazy and is the most economical tape runner i have found so far.

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    excellent organization tool (09 June 2009)

    These bins are wonderful. They can hold all your pages in progress (there are dividers) or they can help you sort your cardstocks and patterned papers. Many other organizers fit inside them, so you can even store paper AND sticker folders in the same container. They hold a lot, so they do get heavy, but they are such a convenient size and have good strong handles, you can carry one on each side if you have them really stuffed. I only scrap with a group, so I have to carry everything with me. I am getting rid of my huge old rolling organizer and switching to these. They are modular, stack well, and you can see what's in there!

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    way too small and impractical pockets (09 June 2009)

    I thought I would get all my tools together in one place and also have them at my fingertips. Not so. When I put my corner rounder into one pocket I realized that all the other things I had (adhesives, punches, etc) were too big. Plus, the pockets are layered on top of each other, so filling one fills both.

    This organizer would be great if you wanted to have it filled with pens and scissors. But anything larger than that won't fit. Take a close look at the picture before you think all your stuff will fit.

    Other than that, it seemed well made. It's basically one of those holders carpenters use in a 5-gallon bucket, only made for a 1 gallon paint can, WAY smaller-scale.