CHA 2011 - Spellbinders - Grand Caliber

Submitted by: Date Added: 03-Feb-11 visits the Spellbinders booth at CHA 2011!
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Wow now I need to purchase a "spellbinder" for my project. It was easy and created. This tool can sure do A LOT OF CREATING exactly what I need so I don't have to much stored in my closest since I don't have a scrapbook room. Thanks for sharing really enjoyed this video and very helpful!

Now how EASY and TIMESAVING is THAT!!! So glad to see something that wonderful come out!! I'll be getting one next!

Oh, now this is GRAND!!! How come it took so long to come out with the Grand dies?? Definitely, a welcome tool in our crafting arsenal...a real time saver.

That looks pretty cool!

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