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OK, first off, it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed at  There’s just so much here!   But it doesn’t need to be overwhelming.  This little article will be a guide to help you realize that everything at is tied together in a simple way; it only seems overwhelming because there are just a lot of people, ideas, projects, and inspiration here. 

So let’s talk about how can benefit you and how we recommend using it.


First off, scrapbookers need three things




The good news for you is that you will get an ABUNDANCE of all three at



At you will find an almost infinite supply of inspiration.  There are over 130,000 people who have set up free memberships at  You can sign up free, too.  Just click here.  With this membership, you get a personal gallery, blog, and opportunities to connect with more than 130,000 scrapbookers across the world.


Our members upload more than 1,000 scrapbooking layouts each day to their galleries.  They talk with each other on our forums.  They post their tips and ideas in our library. is full of scrapbookers who inspire each other.


If you’re looking to use our site to get regular, consistent doses of inspiration, we recommend you do several things.

  1. Sign up for a FREE account
  2. Go to the gallery (click here) and start looking at layouts.  You can look at layouts in many, many different categories.  Just click on the tabs in at the top of the gallery to "drill down" to categories you want to see.  For example, you can sort by number of photos, colors, and themes.  Think of the gallery as an "interactive scrapbooking magazine."  If you've bought a product and don't know how to use it, search the store for that product - you will see layouts people have made with that product displayed there on the product page  .
    1. When you see layouts you like, mark them as “favorites.”  These will be added to your “favorites” folder at your personal profile page so that you can go back to view them at any time. 
    2. If you see a member whose layouts you can’t get enough of, mark them as a “favorite artist” (this button is located below their picture underneath the layout), then go to your profile page, click on gallery settings, and click the box to be emailed each time your favorite artists post new layouts in the gallery.
    3. You can also search for layouts by keywords - our layout search technology is second to none!  Try it out - you'll quickly find inspiration for any keywords you can think of.
  3. Start making friends with people on the site.  We call each other neighbors.  We neighbors encourage each other.  Get on the forums, announce that you’re new and looking to make friends.  You can sign up to be people’s friend by going to their profile page (just click on their photo or user name) and make a friend request.  You can set your account to email you each time your friends post layouts or post blog entries.



  1. Go to the library, and start browsing the tips, quotes, titles, poems, and articles; when you find ones you think are helpful, mark them as “favorites” and they, too, will be added to your favorites for easy retrieval later.
  2. We have over 75 leading scrapbook suppliers who blog at; click here to find them (they’re in the right hand column) – visit their blogs, sign up to be their friend (and make sure you are set up to be notified via email each time they blog).
  3. Sign up for free email classes from at our university (just scroll down on the page).
  4. Sign up for classes at Big Picture Scrapbooking, our preferred online scrapbooking education provider.  You can learn more in the university. These are so much fun!
  5. Purchase any of the E-Books from Jill Davis, our founder.  Jill has taught scrapbooking for more than a decade.  Her organizational classes and classes for beginners have been generally considered amongst the best in the world, and now she has put her knowledge into E-Books.  Rather than pay $50-100 for one of her local classes, for a fraction of that cost she has put all of her best instruction and ideas into these E-Books.  They’re truly a bargain and through them you’ll receive knowledge from one of the best teachers in the scrapbooking world.
  6. If you’re new to scrapbooking, you should also consider ordering ScrapTutor, a CD-ROM program that will teach you all the basic techniques to give you a great foundation. Online version available too.).
  7. Visit the beginning scrapbooker section at the online store.



PRODUCTS carries all of the highest-quality scrapbooking products.  The online store has been a Creating Keepsakes Magazine Reader’s Choice Finalist for 5 straight years.  The store was also rated 5-stars by Yahoo! We’re confident that you will not find a better scrapbooking store on the planet.  Here are some reasons we feel that way:


  1. Each product that our store carries is evaluated by a committee of nearly one dozen scrapbookers.  The committee is comprised of beginners, experts, and everything in-between. 
  2. When you look at a product, you’ll also see sample layouts created using that product.  These layouts are provided by neighbors. 
    1. When you browse the layout gallery, look for layouts that have been “starred”.  These starred layouts are layouts that link to our store so that you can buy the products utilized  in the layout in case you want to “scraplift” it.
  3. Our “Out-of-Stock” notification system is based on proprietary technology and will let you know when an item you want is back in stock, so you can purchase it then.
  4. Our “Wishlist” feature lets you mark items for purchase later.  Make a wishlist of all the product you like.  When you sign up for an account, you automatically receive the ability to create a wishlist.  When you see a product in the superstore you like, just click on the “add to wishlist” button on the product page.  You can access your wishlist anytime at your “My Place” page, and you can send your wishlist page to your friends and family.  (Also, here’s a hot tip: we often send special coupons for specific products to people who have those products in their wishlists!)


Now you now know what is all about and how it all fits together. exists to inspire you, educate you, and provide you with the information and goods you need to preserve your memories in a meaningful and archival-safe way.


If you have additional questions, please contact us here.


Happy scrapping!

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