Gatefold Card Making

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Article Courtesy by Denise Gormish

Do you want to make a quick and attractive card? A gatefold card is one style of cardthat is both quick and attractive. A gatefold card is a card that folds on each side and meets in the middle. It opens up in two directions to reveal the greeting or note inside.

Here's how to make a gatefold card.

Sizing the Card. A gatefold card can be made in a variety of sizes. The only measurement that must be maintained is that the two folds must be each a quarter the size of the entire width of the card. If you want to match a certain envelope size start your project by measuring the envelope. In my project, my envelope measures 5 ½" x 4 ½". First, cut the paper the height of the project, which is 4 ½" in my project. Next, double the width of the envelope and cut your paper to that width. In my project, the width is 5 ½", which is 11" doubled so I cut the paper to that width. Now, I have a piece of 5 ½" x 11" paper.


Creating the Gate. To create the overlapping portion of the gatefold, divide the width of the paper by four. For my project that is 11" wide, the number would be 2 ¾". Mark 2 ¾" from each end of the paper. Fold at those two marks. The edges should meet in the middle. To get a good fold use either a bone folder or a scoring tool.


Decorate the Card Inside and Outside. Use stamps, rub-ons, patterned paper, stickers, chipboard, etc. to decorate the inside and outside of the card. In my project, I also inked the edges of my card.


Create the Gatefold Flap. To cover the gatefold, create a flap. In my project, I overlapped two circle punches and added an epoxy sticker. To attach the flap, use adhesive on half of the back side and attach that to the card. The flap can also be made in a square shape or be created by a 3-dimensional object like chipboard.


Optional Attachment. To keep the fold from flapping open, an attachment can be added. In my project, I added a fancy paperclip to the top. Other attachment ideas include photo anchors and 3-dimensional objects that the flap can tuck underneath .


Hybrid Options. Gatefold cards can be made using digital items printed on cardstock. The same process for creating the card would be followed after printing. In my hybrid project, I opened a new document the same measurements as my paper project. I used gridlines to mark where the paper would be folded after printing. I designed the inside of the card and then printed it on cardstock.


I folded it and adhered a piece of chipboard to act as the gatefold flap.

Have fun making a simple and attractive gatefold card.


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