Product Review: Creative Imaginations Bare Elements

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Article Courtesy by Trish Dykes

You know the saying, "Great minds think alike." I believe it could also be said "Creative minds think alike." Over the years, the more scrapbook enthusiasts that I meet, the more I realize how much we have in common beyond our love of scrapbooks. Whether it be photography, interior design, painting or sewing, it seems like most scrapbookers have an appreciation for other forms of art.

1_309Many scrapbook companies have started to realize this and have created products to help us showcase our talents beyond a layout. One product line that I adore is Bare Elements by Creative Imaginations. Made from high quality paper board, the frames, organizers, recipe boxes, various containers and wooden clothespins are just waiting for your creative touch. They can be decorated with paper, stamped, painted or embellished to match any decor. There are also several styles of mini albums in the line that can be completed as a quick gift for someone.

To cover these products with either paper or fabric, I do recommend using the Xyron 900 or a type of spray adhesive. You will want a good overall coverage to keep the papers from lifting off, especially when working with shaped containers and frames. Glue Dots work well for small embellishments and ribbon.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Frames: I love patterned and textured papers in the same colors that I decorate with. Sometimes, I have a hard time using them because I feel sad that they will go into an album and won't be out where I can see them. Using paper to cover a frame allows me to enjoy it on a daily basis.

  • Ornaments: The smaller frames can be made up for your Christmas tree. Make some for yourself and then share some with others. Enlist your children to help create a unique gift for their grandparents. The creativity does not have to stop there; add a magnet to the back and stick the ornament on your refrigerator. You could also decorate several of them, substitute letter stickers for the photos, string them together and create a fun seasonal garland to hang on your front door.

  • 2_206Recipe Box: Not limited to just recipe cards, these little boxes can be decorated and used to sort cards, your favorite quotes or address cards. Set aside the dividers and this little box will contain an assortment of goodies, from sewing thread to hair accessories.

  • Shaped Containers: There are many styles and unlimited possibilities. From wine containers to dress forms you will find an array of items to alter. The Maria purse is my favorite and would make the perfect gift for a birthday girl. After covering it in a fun print, I  would toss in some yummy lip gloss and a gift card to her favorite store.

  • 3_174Mini Albums: Mini albums are always a great way to use up extra photos or to share those photos with someone else. Shapes include a heart, circle, flower, crown and castle, just to name a few.  These little albums are adorable and can be completed in a short amount of time.

  • Clothespins: I am pretty sure that our great-grandmothers would laugh that these little wood clips are now a sought-after decorating item. After hours of scrubbing on a washboard, the idea of painting clothespins must have been the last thing on their minds. In honor of all things nostalgic, I like the idea of decorating these pins. They can be used to show off a photograph, hold up a recipe card or keep your shopping list together. Or, if you are following in grandma's footsteps, you can use them to hang your wash outside. You will surely have the cutest laundry line in the neighborhood.

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