Amazing Race: Racing Sports

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Article Courtesy by Kayla Richards

Why do people love participating in and watching racing and motorsports so much? Well, that's easy - because of the adventure and excitement! You should consider the same when creating layouts featuring motorsports. The layout should be fun and exciting, and you can even have a little "adventure" using scrapbooking techniques! Read on to discover some great tips for scrapping your racing photographs, whether they are of four-wheeling, jet skis, NASCAR, motorcycle riding, boats, dune buggies, or any other racing activity you can think of!

Example 1: Rippin' Up


Let's point out a few elements that help to give this layout a great motorsport look. For layouts of motorcycles and other bikes, consider bright, vivid, and fun colors as shown in the layout. The bright red, lime green, and light blue hues all scream excitement and attention! The crisp black elements helps tie everything together and creates that sleek, tough biker look. Framing your photo with a photo mat using a color pulled from the background will help draw attention to what matters most - your photo.

Moving on to the title, notice that various fonts of the same color chipboard letters were used to create an interesting, rough and bumpy look of movement. A feeling of movement is definitely needed for a photo of someone racing a bike over 100 miles per hour!

Finally, consider embellishments that will tie into your theme. Stars were used on this layout to help add to the feeling of excitement. Black dots were added below the photo to mimic the look of tire tracks. To create the look of tire tracks, simply use the flat back end of a pen as a stamp!


Example 2: Quad Days


Of course, not all motorsports are about hitting the pavement for some fast-driving fun. Leisure riding on quads or four-wheelers in your backyard or out in the woods can also provide great photographs to scrapbook. A lot of the time, four-wheeling can be quite muddy, especially in the springtime, as in these photos. Since the photos show mud, this same look was expressed on the layout. Earth tone colors were chosen to match the photographs, and much of the layout was inked with brown inks and distressed to give it that "muddy and messy" look. To distress your layout take a fine sandpaper (or any sandpaper that won't tear your papers) and rub it gently along the edges of your paper, photos, letters and embellishments. Then, take your ink and rub it along the same edges. (The less perfect, the better) This scrapbooking technique ‘adventure' will result in this muddy look.


Example 3: On the Move


Often, with racing and motorsports, we take several photos the same event. Go ahead and use them in a creative way in your layout! In this layout, you will see the progression of the tractor as it makes its way down the pulling street. The multiple photos help create the feeling of movement on your layout. To accent this feeling, oversized rickrack was used right below the photos. Its wavy appearance represents the bumping of the tractor. This technique can be used not only for tractors, but for boats, motorcycles, or anything else that doesn't move smoothly! Additionally, you will notice the patterned paper choices as well; they all help with the movement. The black polka dots are a similar look to the black tires, the red flowers actually look like rotating tires, and the arrow paper draws the viewer's eye to the right of the layout.



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