Step-by-Step: Holiday Advent Calendar

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Article Courtesy by Julia Sandvoss

Each Christmas I tell myself I should made an Advent calendar for my three children to use. I am a crafter after all, and have the supplies and ability. Instead I find myself buying the inexpensive boxes with the chocolates inside for them to use leading up to Christmas.


This year that has all changed. When I saw the new Cosmo Cricket Jolly by Golly line, it called my name. (Really, it did!) I love snowmen, pinks mixed with traditional holiday colors, and  snowflakes.   Combine these papers with Karen Foster's 3D Countdown Calendar, and  there were no more excuses this year to why I couldn't make something special for my family to use!

I added all sorts of fun embellishments on the individual drawers, varying them as I worked. The end result is fantastic and definitely well-received by my family! We actually can't wait to fill the drawers with goodies and let the countdown begin.  






  1. Cut 1 ¾" by 8" strips of paper  for the sides, and 1 ¾" by 8 ½" for top. Ink the edges and adhere the strips with the Glue Glider. It's optional to add ink to the front and sides of the box.
  2. Using the provided template from the Karen Foster Calendar, trace the  template shape onto the back side of the papers, selecting a variety of patterns and colors. Cut out the shapes. Ink the edges of the papers and adhere, using Glue Glider, to the individual drawers.
  3. Embellish the drawers with numbers, stickers, rhinestones, pearls and chipboard.  Have fun with this step. Vary the drawers and decorations. Add fun items to decorate each one.
  4. Cut a long paper strip of the house print. Cut two small paper strips measuring ¼" by 1". Fold in half. Adhere one half of the strip on the left side of the top of the box, and the other on the right. Adhere the long paper strips to the small strips. These act as a way to hold up the long paper strip creating the backdrop. Add additional house chipboard pieces to embellish.     
  5. Next, the fun part, fill with all sorts of goodies and put it in a special place for a daily treat leading up to the holiday.

*Keep in mind--these boxes are perfect for other holidays in addition to Christmas and also make excellent keepsake boxes as well!


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