Learn to Scrapbook 01-Why We Scrapbook & How to Get Started

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Jill Davis, Founder of Scrapbook.comThere is one thing that all good scrapbook pages do: they tell a story. And for us, that is the heart of scrapbooking. It is storytelling at a precious, personal level. It is organizing moments of the past so they have meaning for future generations. Embodied in every scrapbook page is a celebration of life, a moment or moments captured that are especially unique to a person or family. Scrapbookers today are preserving yesterday for tomorrow.

At Scrapbook.com, we won't define what a scrapbook should be for you, but we will show you what it is to others, hoping to help you develop your own purpose and style. We will inform you of products, tools, and services to help you best tell your story.

Jill Davis (Founder, Scrapbook.com)

Five Tips to Get Started Scrapbooking
from Stacy Julian, Co-Founder of BigPictureScrapbooking.com

There’s no reason to be overwhelmed or intimidated when you start scrapbooking.  Just keep these simple tips in mind, and you’ll be happily on your way to preserving priceless memories.

  1. Make up your own definition of a “scrapbook.”
    A scrapbook doesn’t have to be ‘a work of art’ or take a lot of time to create to become something special for yourself or someone you love. Any time you pair a photo you love with words that bring that moment to life, you are scrapbooking.
  2. Forget the idea that you are going to do something with ALL the photos you take.
    This is not a healthy or realistic expectation and no one expects this from you. The easiest and most authentic approach to scrapbooking begins with a memory. Once you have a memory in mind, you can either take or find a photo that illustrates the memory.  
  3. Start small.
    Bigger is not always better. Pick up a great “little” photo album or scrapbook that won’t require hours of creativity or a degree in design and use paper and paste to bring color and perspective to a fun birthday party or vacation.
  4. Focus on personality and relationships.
    The people we love are what matter most. Remember to take and print everyday pictures of people you love laughing, working, playing and interacting with others. These are the images you’ll treasure.
  5. Join the community of scrapbookers for support and inspiration.
    Go into any scrapbook store and you'll find friends and neighbors in workshops, searching aisles of papers and cardstock, and examining new pens, stickers and scissors. Scrapbooking is a very social thing, and even if you prefer to scrapbook alone, collaboration is essential to creativity (and fun!).

    Be sure to join the Scrapbook.com Community online. Sign up for an account, start talking in the forums, and participate in the gallery

If you start scrapbooking with your best memories, some paper you love and a collection of basic tools, you can start with the assurance that you have what you need.



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