DIY: Handmade Tags

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Article Courtesy by Nora Noll

Plain tags, embellished tags, canvas tags and much more have adorned scrapbook pages over the years. Some of the recent tags, like 7gypsies Vintage Tag assortment, look as if they are hand-stamped. I love the look of this collection and thought that I would try to create similar-looking tags with supplies I had at home. I was surprised at how easy and fun these were to make.

Polka Dot Tag

The first tag I created was similar to the red dotted tag in this 7gypsies assortment. I didn’t have a polka dot background stamp so I used a piece of bubble wrap as a stamp. I also chose to use different colors and add some sparkles to the middle of the flowers to make them pop.



  1. Ink the bubble wrap with green ink. Turn it over onto a white tag, slightly pressing down with the palm of your hand over the tag.
  2. Sponge around the edges of tag with the vintage photo ink.
  3. Using the purple chalk ink, stamp the floral image near the bottom of the tag.

  4. Using the Yellow Stickles, place small dots of glitter glue in the center of the flowers.

Text Print Tag

For the second tag I created, I wanted the background to be a text print. I don’t own this type of stamp so I created one using a die-cut machine, a tag die, and a page ripped from an old magazine.



  1. Using a page from an old magazine, die cut a tag.
  2. Using the olive ink, stamp the scroll over the entire tag.
  3. Stamp a black border.
  4. Stamp the red border above and below the black.

Butterfly Graph Tag

With the last tag I created, I decided to depart from just inking and stamping. I used a patterned paper as my background and as a starting point.



  1. Trace the tag pattern on the back of the 6” x 6” patterned paper and cut out.
  2. Punch a hole in the tag.
  3. Using the sponge and the walnut stain, ink around the edges and over the entire surface of tag to give it an aged look.
  4. Using the pink chalk ink, stamp the label so that it is overlapping the edge. Only a part of the label will be stamped on the tag.
  5. Using the blue chalk ink, stamp the numbers along the top left of the tag.

  6. Punch a butterfly out of the October Afternoon paper and adhere so that it overlaps the top left of the stamped label. Using the brown pen, draw the butterfly’s antennae.
  7. Adhere the sticker letters.

After I created my tags, I used them to make cards but they would have been a beautiful addition to a layout too. I hope this article inspires you to get out your supplies and create some tags of your own.

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