Article Courtesy by Andrea Steed

Years ago,  my brother asked me to make a football scrapbook for him including photos, newspaper articles and some of his memories of being his high school team's varsity quarterback.  It was such a fun album to create, because I was able to see the team from his perspective and create a memory album that he'll treasure forever. 

Here are some tips for capturing your football player's team memories:

Choose an appropriate color scheme.  If your album is about one team, that should be easy! Just pick the school or team colors and add in some typical football colors like green, white, brown and black.  There are tons of great football-themed papers and stickers that stick to these neutral and common football colors.  Adding in your specific team colors as accents completes the scheme.

Embellish with purpose.   Stick to the theme of a rough-and-tough team-oriented album and make your embellishments have purpose.  They aren't just a decorative element, they can help tell the story and create the mood of the album.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Print or hand-cut the school logo.

  • Use team mascot stickers and die cuts.
  • Add stitching to mimic the football. (example: Tackle Football)
  • Design laces as a border to mimic the laces on a uniform.
  • Use textures that mimic the grass, dirt and turf of the field.
  • Don't forget to use his jersey number as an accent! (example: He Works Hard & Plays Tough)

Tell the story.  Photos and titles are great, but journaling is what really tells the story of what it was like for your football player to be involved in his team.  There is so much great information you can glean from him to include in his album:

  • Ask him questions and use his words as the journaling.  What was your favorite part of being on the team? What was the worst part? Best memory?  Hardest game?  Favorite position played?  (example: 1st & 10)
  • Include the positions he played and what that position does.

  • Many teams have a mantra or quote they use as inspiration.  (example: Boys of Fall)
  • Record the words to the school song:

  • Include the words to some of the crowd's favorite cheers.
  • Newspaper articles are a great source of journaling, telling the stories of star players, important games and big wins!
  • Did your player suffer an injury? Tell all about it.
  • Every team has a big rivalry or major game that stands out each season.  Highlight that rivalry on a special page.

Collect photos to include.  You may not have taken many photographs of your football player, but there are lots of ways to collect images you can use in an album.

  • Look through the school yearbook photographer's archives.
  • Ask other parents. Look for the mom with the long camera lens and ask her to take some shots of your kid too...chances are she'll be thrilled to do so!
  • Check your local newspaper for articles, photos and clips about your team.

  • Be sure to include the team photo! (example: Football Stars)

Extra memorabilia really pulls it together. Besides photos and journaling, there are all kinds of other trinkets and items you can add to this scrapbook that have special sentimental appeal such as:

  • varsity letters/pins
  • game programs
  • patches
  • team t-shirts - a jersey would make an awesome album cover!
  • mascot temporary "tattoos" - use them just like rub-ons
  • pennants
  • awards (example: Freshman Football)
  • pom poms

Football scrapbooking is a fantastic way to capture the memories of a time in a boy's life where he learns important life lessons about teamwork, perseverance, competition, winning and losing.  It's not just about the sport, it's about the life and character created through it!


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