Using Shoe Bags to Organize your Scrap Tools

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Article Courtesy by Rachel Myerson

For many scrapbookers, organizing our ever-growing stash is a continual problem. Everything needs to be in a place where it is easy to find without taking up precious space on our scrap table. Some items, such as punches which are bulky and can’t be filed, are a particular challenge.  I recently discovered a great scrapbook supply storage solution for these bulky items: over-door shoe bags.

These shoe bags can be purchased at many general or home stores. The ones I got are clear, have hooks which are used to hang them from the top of a standard door, and have 24 pockets, each of which is the size of one shoe.   I have always used this type of shoe bag inside the door of our coat closet, to hold gloves and hats.  I recently discovered that it is also the perfect solution to store punches and other bulky scrapbooking tools.

My friend Ruth Ellen Yeager has a lot of punches. She recently organized them into a shoe bag on the door of her scrap room.  She put one punch in each slot, providing very convenient storage. The clear pockets make it easy to find the one that she wants. 

My scrap room is in the spare bedroom so I store my scrap stash in the closet. The closet door was the perfect place to hang my shoe bag. This way, if I decide to close the closet doors to hide my scrap stash, the shoe bag is also hidden.  I don’t have as many punches as Ruth Ellen, partly because of the storage issue. I decided to store my punches in the lower pockets and several of my favorite dies in the upper pockets. I left some pockets empty so I can buy more punches and have a place to put them.

If you are looking for a storage and organization solution to store your collection of punches, consider using over-the-door shoe bags.


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