PR: Canvas Corp MakeMemo Collection Wooden Frame with Metal

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Article Courtesy by Denise Gormish


Product Name: Canvas Corp - MakeMemo Collection - Wooden Frame with Metal Board

Price: $14.99 - $19.99, replacement insert is $5.99

Product Description:

Canvas Corp's MakeMemo is a 12" x 12" frame with a polylaminate metal insert. The frame comes in natural, black or white. The insert is polylaminate on both sides. The insert can hold magnets or serve as a whiteboard to be used with dry erase markers. The scrapbooking appeal of the MakeMemo is that you can put photographs, patterned paper or other embellishments on the metal insert for a unique look. The frame can also be decorated.

In Use:

The frame is nicely constructed and solid.

The polylaminate metal insert is flexible. It fits into the frame easily through an opening on one side of the frame. The insert is bendable so it does need some care. The one I received had a bent corner but the bent corner did not show while in the frame.

The insert can be used as a whiteboard with dry erase markers. I was able to use it in this function. I used several dry erase markers on it and they wrote well and easily. The black marker cleaned off completely but the blue and green markers didn't completely clean.

When it is hung, the insert will fall inward toward the wall when it is being written on or erased. Cardboard placed behind it eased the problem.

Using it as a magnet board, I was able to place several styles of magnets on it without a problem. Even when hanging on the wall, they held their place.

Decorating the metal insert is the fun aspect of having the MakeMemo. You can tape patterned paper, photographs and other embellishments to the insert. Tape does hold the paper in place but some types of tape can leave adhesive behind when removed. I recommend ordinary invisible tape. A 12"x12" sheet of paper can be inserted without the need of tape. The insert still holds the magnets even with a piece of cardstock inserted.

You can decorate the frame by painting it or by applying various embellishments such as flowers, word art and chipboard.

Unlike a picture frame there is no glass to protect the insert, paper, photos, etc. from dust and other items. With this in mind, I would recommend placing photos, embellishments, patterned paper, and the like in the frame that are replaceable.


The MakeMemo is a lovely 12" x 12" frame that also holds magnets and it can be a memo area with dry erase markers. Even by itself, it makes a lovely frame for digital or paper scrapbook pages.


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