Username Post: Any Young and The Restless Fans Out there?
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Okay, does anyone else think it is bizare that everyone that Victor sleeps with comes up pregnant without trying? He must have some super swimmers in there!

What is up with Sharon? her mother said she has lost time like this before. what is going on? does she lose time when she sleeps with billy?

did katherine, ester, gloria, and amber make it out of the explosion?

LOL he has super swimmers!! Maybe the reversed vasconomy made it even better put some twinkle dust in there!!!

Yes they all made it out of the explosion and Clints been making Kevin rob places and hes wearing a chipmunk head. Clints got excited and probably had a heart attack so in return Kevin puts him in the closet. I don't know if Clints dead! but that will make Kevin look like the plans all of them were HIS! So what happened to the red head lady and the other guy? OMG why is Mrs C leaving town but, I am glad that she went to Murphy but thats going to make it look more like shes Marge!!! I think Sharon & Billy are going to get caught doin the do in the Abbott mansion thats why they had her move back in! It makes what Phyllis said about her being needy so bad. And thats just giving Cane and Lily more power - about that what do I know but I just wish he would drop it and move on to have a baby with Lily and Jills too two faced!!

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