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(hi chris!)
we feed on demand; i did with my first, too. ellie is exclusively breastfed. i had to supplement with evie at first because my milk didn't come in very well.
ellie usually sleeps 4-6 hours at night, then nurses more often during the day, usually 2-3 hours with a longer nap after "lunch" (usually about 4 hours). she has developed a fussy time in the evening; it varies but usually starts around dinnertime and last night went really late; i hope that trend doesn't continue. her fussy time is pretty mild, really--she doesn't all out cry, it's more of a pay attention to me, i don't know what i want kind of squawk. she gets hiccups around the same time and i think they really bother her.
she was 6 lbs 13 oz at birth, 6 lbs 7 oz at 4 days, 7 lbs 8 oz at two weeks, and 9 lbs 3 oz at one month. i think she's at that 6 week growth spurt; this fussy time has lasted about a week and she seems to want to nurse all the time. also, i have proof she's suddenly longer because i had to break out the 3-6 month sleepers today. the 0-3 were too snug when she stretched and the feets were too small.
work wasn't too bad today--we lost power (windstorm knocked down a tree, a transformer blew and suddenly, 5000 people had no power. according to the website, it's still not back on!!). i'm lucky to be able to bring my baby to work with me. my boss is very family oriented and everyone seems to like having her around. plus, they got me back sooner this way, lol.
this little one likes to be held. i'm a worry wart and i'm trying not to be concerned about it, but she often wakes if she's put down and very often is only really content when she's on me. i bought a moby wrap and we both love it; it lets her have that closeness and it lets me get some stuff done. i hope that as she gets a little older, she'll allow a little more separation, but for now, i'm trying to just enjoy the snuggling since they're only small for so long.
oh and on the tmi front i've started my period already. ugh. they want me to wait until june to have the iud put back in so it won't migrate with my uterus possibly still changing. boo.
it's good to hear everyone's babies are doing so well, and nice to meet those of you who weren't on the pg thread with us.
sorry for the long post, but don't you feel sometimes like everyone's tired of hearing about the baby details? it's nice to have a place where it's ok to post it, even if you don't read it all.

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