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Time for DH and I to shop for a new/used car/suv

What kind of vehicle do you have?
Do you like it?
Has it been reliable?
Anything you don't like about it?
Any major issues?
What is your mpg?

If you could buy any car, what would you buy?

I haven't written off my 2001 Chrysler Town and Country with 173K miles yet, but it soon may be time to let it go.

I have a few vehicles in mind but am torn between getting something brand new in the affordable range or used and reliable in the affordable range. I am also torn between car for better gas mileage or small suv because after 9 years of a mini-van, I don't know about driving a car so low to the ground.

Just wondering what you have that you have found to be reliable. I know there's always the possibility of a lemon, but I can only get so much from online reviews from strangers

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