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Ditzy Sharon selects a few flowers from Victor's service as her bridal bouquet.
She waits for Tucker in her white swan dress.
Tucker has Sharon sign a prenup (did not read the fine print, surprised she did not burn it with the lighted candles).
Nick and Genevieve on lookers from the back.

Nikki is out in the graveyard kneeling over the little lump of dirt crying her heart out but then appears Victor!

Jack and Tracey talk. Tracey mentions Colleen's heart in Victor, now deceased, or so they think. Jack says he had to sell Beauty of Nature.

Everyone at GCAC gets a text message saying come back to the church (big reveal, Victor is alive and kicking).

I wonder if Tucker and Sharon's marriage takes place or is called off. This would make Sharon a bigamist if she married Tucker and Victor is alive, and also nulls/voids the Tucker pre-nup and other NE stock issues.

I think Victor will have issues with snake charmer Tucker.

Billy and Kevin -- marriages on the rocks.

Where is Delia?

Familys of real missing people aren't so quick to have a funeral. And with Victors reputation of having been dead over 15x's I'd welcome the sudden return as we were lowering the casket in the ground and save my tears! He-he seems juicy,crazy good ol' Y&R

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