Username Post: Prays need for my Brother
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Wow, I will send him some Positive Prayers!! I am diabetic too, have been for 45 years. But have had friends also with it who have had feet or leg amputations. It is a difficult road but one can get along if they try. I have been very lucky I think and had very knowledgeable Parents too so did well as a child. Adult life is another story, but common sense can take care of a lot of things.

I broke my leg a few years ago and found the workers at physical rehab in the hospital to be very supportive and encouraging, which helped me so much! It was a spiral break and they would not let me go home till the stuff was done at our home- wheelchair ramp among other things. But once home I started doing better just being in a familiar place!
Sending him a big healing hug and a Big batch of Positive

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