Bundle Of Joy

Submitted By: joycelinetorres93

I feel you growing
Inside of me
Moving at the speed
Of light
Tugging on me for attention

I wanted to let you know baby
I hear you
I'm here for you
I love you

Every single day
I think of you
My little blessing
I smile at how
happy I am to
have you,
to call you my own
My Little Bundle of Joy.

You make the roughest of times
melt away
like ice cream on a summer day.
I know know you can feel my pain
I wish I could stop it
stop the hurt, shield you, protect you
take you away from all those bad nightmares.
But soon enough my sweetheart,
we will be together forever
and i will protect you from all the unseen.

I just hope that I'm a good mother
to you as you are the best with me.
To be able to give you all that i never had
and all that you deserve and need.

You are my world,
my little miracle
my gorgeous baby
and I Love You
To you my serenity
I give you life.
I love you
My little bundle of joy!

Author: Joyceline Torres
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