I love using a wire to do confirmation cards, please check my gallery to see exactly what I´m talking about.

1. Take a wire in the color that matches your card/layout, the thinner, the better to handle.

2. Don´t cut it right away, wait until you´ve finished the cross.

3. You´ll need two of your fingers for this, take the end of the wire and bend it over your finger so the end is now between your fingers.

4. Put the wire around your fingers like you´re making the number 8. Do that few times, or until you think your cross is thick enough.

5. Now take the "8" of your finger and make another one, now a bit smaller, let the bigger "8" hang there in the meanwhile (it may be a little uncomfortable, but that´s how I do it, maybe you got better ideas there..)

6. Now you have two "8"s, one small and one bigger. Lay them together, don´t twist them!

7. Now you measure few inches of wire, cut it and bind the two "8"s together cris-cross. It should hold the cross pretty tight.

8. This one is really up to you, now you got your cross ready, only thing left to do is putting it to your card/layout. For that I take a needle and do two very tiny holes in the paper where I want my cross to be. Next I take some extra wire and bind the cross to the paper, now you turn the page around and twist the wire.
Maybe you´ll like to use glue or glue-dots, I tried to use glue but it didn´t work.

For more information on this please take a look at my gallery and you see some samples, I have only used a silver wire, but now I have bought some new and fun colors.

Enjoy your wire cross and I hope those instruction were clear enough (I´m Icelandic)