About two days before a big crop I get into planning mode and surround myself with every bit of scrap stuff I have ever purchased...whether I deem it usable or not. I reuse the envelopes my photos come in and separate pictures into categories. Once that is done I dig deep into all of my supplies and preplan my pages from paper colors and title ideas to making my own sketches on 3x5 index cards. On the outside of each envelope I include a sticky note that tells me anything I am missing for this layout including blowing up pictures or getting that perfect red before the crop. Now, I can easily get 10 layouts done in 3 hours because of the small leg work I did and all while watching my favorite...Law and Order! :)AND i don't need to tote every piece of paper or stamp set I own. Just the ones I need for my layouts. Not only am I getting much more done without sacrificing the integrity of my layouts, I use sooo many more of my supplies. Even ones from long ago. This weekend I actually successfully used two felt snowmen left over from a page I did about 3 years ago. I was so proud and my page turned out great!
hope this helps.